Carbon Catalyst

Foresters, help private landowners recover faster this wildfire season.

A pilot program with funding available now for landowners in CA, WA, & OR.

About Carbon Catalyst

Carbon Catalyst is a partnership program between the professional consulting forester, DroneSeed, and private family forest landowners.

We provide funding and regeneration services in as little as 3 months post-fire. This effort is backed by verified carbon credits that put money in landowners’ pockets within 2 years.

We achieve this timeline with high demand items such as local seed and seedlings delivered by hand and F.A.A-Certified Drones. All ready to go through the largest private seedbank in the West.

Up to 5 projects will be approved for the 2021 wildfire season across CA, OR, and WA. We need your help locating eligible landowners and improving this program.

Forester benefits

  • Refer eligible landowners and earn a finder’s fee and up to $20,000

  • Access to the largest private seedbank in the West

  • Help your landowner recover quickly from tragedy

Landowner benefits

  • Significant returns of hundreds to thousands of dollars per acre

  • Get ahead of weeds by starting to reseed within 90 days of a wildfire

  • Funding options available for landowners with limited financing

Wildfire is an increasing concern, especially for California landowners. The Foundation strongly supports new innovations like DroneSeed to assist foresters for family forest landowners in rapidly responding post-fire.

Chantz Joyce, California Conservation Manager,
American Forest Foundation

Questions? Talk to a Carbon Catalyst specialist.

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How it works*

  1. Fire

    A fire occurs in CA, WA, or OR in 2021

  2. Forester

    A forester finds an affected landowner

  3. Qualify

    DroneSeed works with forester to qualify landowner

  4. Accepted

    Forester is paid for referring qualified landowner

    First payment

  5. Signature

    Forester is paid larger fee upon landowner signing

    Second payment
    Up to $20,000 at $50/acre

*Participation, qualification, acceptance and payments (if any) subject to the Carbon Catalyst Program Terms.

Case Study: How a client reforested with drones and carbon credits

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Who qualifies for Carbon Catalyst?*

  • 200+ acres of forest in CA, OR, or WA
  • Land affected by fire this 2021 wildfire season
  • Will plant site-appropriate native tree species
  • Able to commit to storing carbon over the long term

Easements significantly increase landowner return

*Subject to the Carbon Catalyst Program Terms.

Who’s done it already?

Funding wildfire recovery with carbon credits has been practiced by these groups, and is now ready for family forest landowners and consulting foresters.


Gained $471k with ~2,900 acres under a carbon credit futures project.

Colville Tribes

Funded 100k acres of tree planting, while providing socio-economic benefits.

Yakama Nation

Set aside 4k acres to generate ~$1.2M in revenue for their community.

Sierra Pacific

Turned unrepairable land into thousands of acres for multiple projects.

Questions? Talk to a Carbon Catalyst specialist.

Call 1-844-SEED-NOW

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Carbon Catalyst?

Lack of funding and seed continue to be some of the biggest barriers to post-wildfire reforestation, amplified by the sheer scale of wildfires. DroneSeed has launched this program to kickstart reforestation, with immediate funding of a limited number of carbon credit projects. This solution is strengthened with our seed supply (the largest private seedbank in the West), and our partnership with a carbon credit broker providing a guaranteed buyer.

DroneSeed is becoming a one-stop-shop, offering a full suite for reforestation needs – from seed, nursery seedlings, and rapid wildfire response using our drone-seeding technology.

The Carbon Catalyst program benefits consulting foresters, family forest landowners, and their communities with funding, reforestation, and significant financial returns through proceeds from carbon credit futures.

The program utilizes Climate Action Reserve’s Climate Forward protocol, issuing credits based on future emission reductions, meaning proceeds are earned within 18-24 months as opposed to several decades. The most optimal and lucrative outcome for landowners is to put 20% of the project under a conservation easement as this pays for the remaining 80% of the reforestation project, perhaps more.

This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

DroneSeed’s mission is to make reforestation scalable. We are a team of foresters, nursery professionals, biologists, and engineers passionate about reforestation and helping landowners recover from devastating wildfires. Our team has helped countless landowners, collectively reforesting tens of thousands of acres, and are pioneers in carbon project development.

We are putting forth significant funding for pilot projects to start the feedback loop now. We want to grow this program with foresters, learn, and build the necessary relationships and trust needed to expand next year.

How does this program benefit the landowner?

In addition to the benefits received from DroneSeed’s traditional offering, with this new program, landowners will have access to funding to be able to reforest their land after a wildfire at unprecedented speed, generally within 90 days of the event. They will also benefit from the proceeds generated from carbon credit futures. This means not just payment for the reforestation, but potential returns on a scale of hundreds to thousands of dollars per acre.

What are my responsibilities as a professional forester?

Our main ask is referrals to projects in your network, facilitated through the survey on this website. We also expect you will want to guide the landowner or land manager as needed throughout the process, for example with review of our proposals. DroneSeed works at each step, including setting up easements and securing a carbon credit buyer.

What happens if my project doesn’t qualify, or isn’t selected?

We will still help as much as possible. DroneSeed has access to the largest private seedbank and capital in the West. Even if it doesn’t work out for this project, we will ensure we do what we can to assist with other aspects of the reforestation pipeline.

What is the cost to the landowner?

DroneSeed’s pricing is competitive with industry standards, and the Carbon Catalyst projects are heavily subsidized. We acknowledge that immediate funding for reforestation is a challenge, and want to work with landowners to find an agreement that will work for them. Qualified projects will receive a proposal that includes a pricing model with different payment options. The more the landowner is willing to provide upfront, the more returns from carbon credits they will receive in the future.